Week 3 – Discipline is Freedom!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”                                                                                                   — Jim Rohn



Being disciplined has been one of the hardest things for me. I start things with all the enthusiasm and best intentions. Every time I start something and do not finish it, I tend to beat myself up about the fact that I did not have the discipline needed to see it through. It has been one of the things that I have hated about myself for so long. Always wondering why it is that others around me seem to be able to commit entirely to the things they set out to do. Always asking myself why I could not just push through and make it happen. The thing that has really helped me has been following through everyday with the daily assignments.

The last two weeks have been extremely crazy for me. I started a new job last week, on top of another job I have. So working two jobs  has not been an easy task. I could not attend Sunday’s webinar because I knew I would be working ahead of time. I have been training at my new job these last two weeks. Expected to come home to spend extra hours learning our products and sales process. At the same time, I was to listen to a three hours Master Key webinar, write this blog, work on my DMP, say the scrolls three times a day, read the Blueprint Builder, read the Master Key for the week, create an About Me page and follow the daily chore’s cards. Did I miss anything? Lol!

Oh, and let’s not forget about my three teenagers and my husband. Everyday this week, the minute I got home from work, my daughter had another makeup emergency where we immediately had to rush out to buy another eyebrow pencil. Yeah, it can get overwhelming. In the past, I might have said it is just too much and it’s OK if I skip something here or there. Who the heck is going to notice anyway.

Keeping up with everything has been so hard this week. I just had to plug along. I have had to stay focused on what I want. Become that observer when I found myself wanting to give up. I am so proud of the fact I have managed to keep up. I wake up every morning and the first thing I think about is reading the Scroll 1 and the Blueprint Builder. This week things changed to where we are supposed to read the Blueprint Builder only once a day, but I prefer to read it twice a day. I like reading it in the morning then again at night.

My new job is in sales. There was a time when I would have been so anxious about things. Nervous I would not be able to perform at the level expected from me. But I love my job. I wake up every morning ready to take on the world, visualizing how I am going kill it. I’m telling you, that old blueprint new blueprint concept has been a lifesaver. Anytime there is a little bit of self-doubt creeping in, by brain now automatically says, “That is the old blueprint. You  have a new blueprint now.” I have been so calm, so relaxed, so confident. I want more of that feeling.


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