Week 7 – Love In My Heart

“We are in this struggle together.” — Philippians 1:30


In this Week’s webinar, one of our assignments is the 7-Day Mental Diet. This entails of thinking positively for seven days. If you have a negative thought in your mind for more than 7 seconds, you have to start over again. Let me be the first to say I have failed remarkably and have had to start over many times. I realize I will have to start over again after this blog, but I feel I must be honest with the struggle I am having. One of the best things about the 7 Day Mental Diet is, not only do we become aware of the negativity we ourselves put out there on a daily basis, but we realize the negativity coming at us from the outside world.

I work two jobs, one of which is as a health insurance agent. Since open enrollment started November 1, I have been working overtime, six days a week. I also have a second job. Needless to say, just finding the time to do all the assignments has truly become challenging. My only saving grace is having built the foundation before things got truly crazy. Yes, I have missed reading the scrolls and service cards three times a day. The hardest part is mid day, with my job, I just cannot take time out to read the scrolls and my service cards. And, just this week alone, I missed reading the Master Keys one day. I have a husband, three kids and a home. I was not able to blog last week because I simply ran out of days. Before I knew it, it was Sunday and we were starting a new week. How can I manage to do everything?

As much as I try to convince myself I am wonder woman, I have had to accept that I am not. At least not right now! The one thing I have done, is continue with the process everyday. After an extremely long day last night, I carved out a couple of hours to listen to this weeks webinar. My son wanted to watch election results, but I told him I just was not going to participate in that. Around 1 a.m., after the webinar, I went to bed, purposely shutting out what was happening. When I woke up I did not know the results and frankly did not care. Everywhere around me at work today people were talking about what all this means. Some were very negative, but I chose not to participate.

At home, my kids wanted to talk about it, so I told my daughter about how I am doing this 7 Day Mental Diet. She laughed and said, “I don’t think that is going to last long. That would be the hardest thing to do.” I did agree with her. I told her I had already started over a few times because try as I might, I had failed.

So my plan this week is to work harder to catch up on the things I have fallen behind in. I will greet each day with love in my heart and I will start over again as many times as I have to on my 7 Day Mental Diet.

On that note, I must exit this blog post now because at 11:15 p.m. my son tells me he needs help with his Spanish homework.


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