Press Release

It’s an incredibly beautiful day here at our dream home in Wailuku, Hawaii. The sun is shining and the waves are picking up on the gorgeous beach. As the beachgoers enjoy their afternoon, we sit on our deck at Napili Kai Beach Resort reflecting on how far we have come in just three short years.

It seems like so long ago when we were struggling with our finances, living lives we were not happy with. Both Rich and I were working two jobs. Sometimes, I was working three jobs in a day. Crazy but true!

Things started to take a turn in June 2016 when I got truly tired of being sick and tired. I decided enough was enough. Things had to take a major change. I began meditating and visualizing how I wanted my life to be. More importantly, I starting taking action in the right direction. That action led me to the Master Key System, a life changing course by Mark and Davene Januszewski.  That course fast forwarded our success and put it on turbo speed.

This is the life here. We own a beautiful home here on the beautiful Island of Maui, but we enjoy taking long weekends here with the kids. Our days consists of waking up early to workout and meditate. We love taking long walks on the beach and just visualizing how wonderful our day is going to be.

Living a life of service to others has allowed our family to live our wildest dreams.

One of our dreams was to travel the country in an RV with our family. We were able to do that last year. We took a trip from New York all the way to Seattle. It was amazing travelling to some of the most beautiful places in our country.

One of our favorite places was Mt. Rushmore. I mean, pictures do not do it justice. When you see all the presidents and the awesomeness up close, it absolutely takes your breath away.

We went camping at Yellowstone Park, and let me tell you, I am not a nature type of person, but it was just beautiful. I would do it all over again for sure.

The most magical time was spending the most incredible days with our family. We cannot put a price on the conversations, laughter and good times we shared.

Along the way, we love stopping and giving back to some of the communities we visited. We loved donating to food banks in some of the cities. We also took time to find out which community charities needed the most help and making a monetary donation.

Right now, since the kids are in college, Rich and I have decided we want to visit all the baseball stadiums in the country. We think it would just be so cool. Then we plan to visit all the football stadiums.

Now, that we are living the dream. We are continuing to build our internet business. The kids have learned so much from us, that they are building their internet businesses and growing their wealth. It is so awesome how we are able to change their futures as well.

For me, the most important thing I like to do is to continue helping people. I love helping others grow their businesses and achieve the kind of success we have. I am so proud of the fact that I am paying it forward with the Master Key System because it has allowed me to help others change their lives as well.